Gentiana Ramadani is a freelance journalist, social activist and a young scholar. She focuses on silenced communities and is fully engaged in the EU Project Management and Media Industry. The central focus of her work is usually found within successful projects in designing, implementing and evaluating processes, in the area of education, vocational training, gender equality and media, european integration & social cohesion and local democracy.

In 2005 she founded DIGE (Development, Information and Gender Equality) organization in Albania which was managed by her until 2012 thus building up a very successful portfolio striving to support communities in need. The work of DIGE was supported by international organizations such as USAID, UNDP Albania, UNFPA, Schüler Helfen Leben.

In 2014 she moved to Vienna/Austria in pursuing her PhD studies at the University of Vienna, focusing in media and communication and looking at the role of the Public in Public Service Media
In 2016 she founded CEID (Centre for European Integration and Development) in Austria a non -profit dedicated to democracy, media freedom and social inclusion. CEID’s goals are the implementation of projects based on the “Best Practices” seen from a European perspective and know-how projects transferred as good practices from EU to non-EU countries.
Her mother tongue is Albanian and she speaks English, German and Italian.